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 Incorporated 1739
Area: 33.47 square miles
Population : 1472
Government: Selectmen, Town meeting

Canaan is a National Historic District. Among the sites to see in Canaan are the South Canaan Meeting House and The Great Falls. Originally an iron making centre, the town has grown to have a small commerce and strong community feeling. Canaan is home of two state parks: the Housatonic State Forest and Robbins Swamp Wildlife Preserve and the Appalachian Trail. There is a town recreational area and the Housatonic River supplies exciting canoeing and kayaking. Cultural organizations include the Music Mountain and the Summer Chamber Music Shed.

The commercial center of Falls Village stretches in a wide loop west of Route 7. The town center

The Great Falls of the Housatonic, formed by a ledge of limestone crossing the Housatonic River obliquely from northwest to southeast, provides a picturesque scene. The perpendicular height is about 60 feet and its sheer face is irregular and broken with raw beauty. At the main cataract, water rushes in a torrent, descending 130 feet into a mass of foam behind a misty curtain. There are smaller falls arranged with remarkable beauty all along the ledges.

Falls Village is home to Music Mountain, reportedly the oldest continuous chamber music festival in the country and a short drive from Norfolk, home to the Norfolk Chamber Festival. Music Mountain offers a marvelous setting for both the musicians and the audience. The centerpiece is Gordon Hall, one of the finest chamber music facilities in the country. With seating for 335 and legendary acoustics, Gordon Hall provides resonant and lovely sound, views of the gardens, grounds and hills from every seat or from the lawn, permitting listeners to savor music with a sumptuous picnic.

In town is the Falls Village Congregational Church.. Falls Village-Canaan Historical Society was established in 1953, and it organizes events and meetings discussing history and development. Like its neighboring communities, Falls Village depends on volunteers for the local fire and ambulance departments, town libraries, and Housatonic Youth Services. It shares with its neighboring communities the Northwest Corner's easy access to many cultural and recreational activities.



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